Spotted Sandpiper Earrings

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Product Description

Sandpipers are cool. And Spotted Sandpipers are especially cool. They are found by both saltwater and fresh water, which means oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes...This would explain why their range map covers North America *and* most of South America! And this would also explain why I see them at one of my favorite swimming  and slag-hunting spots (see slag jewelry on website). Or more specifically I see *him*. In explanation, spotted sandpiper females breed with several males in a season, and thus lay several clutches of eggs, and it is the males (who are not necessarily the fathers) who raise the young. I first became aware of the existence of a fresh-water sandpiper when I saw him (as it turns out) making a ruckus when I appeared. These earrings honor such an adaptable and versatile bird! I make them out of Sterling and brass, and carefully handpaint them. They measure 1" wide by 1" tall, not including their Sterling earring wires.