Woolly Bear Caterpillar Earrings

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Product Description

Who doesn't love woolly bear caterpillars? In addition to being cute, (they prefer the French "chouette"), they are the essence of resilience, hibernating during the winter and then pupating in the spring, before hatching into the lovely Isabella Tiger Moth. This hibernation in larval form is why they may be the last and first caterpillars seen before and after the winter, acting as crawling "book-ends" to our cold season. They are also generalists, meaning that they are not fussy about their diet, consuming various different greenery. These earrings are a tribute to this stalwart caterpillar (they prefer the French "surprenant"). I fabricate them out of Sterling silver and lacquered jeweler's brass, and carefully hand-paint them, finally sealing them with a coat of jewelry resin. The caterpillars measure 7/8" x 7/8", and the total length with earring wires is 1 3/8".