Sterling Medium Crown Shyness Earrings

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Product Description


Imagine relaxing on your back in a forest, (or better yet, go do it!) and looking up into the canopy to see the patterns of sky created by tree branches that are almost touching. This is the result of crown shyness. Crown shyness is the phenomenon that occurs in forests in which the top branches of certain species of trees do not touch each other. This allows neighboring trees to get more sun exposure and thus to thrive. It also prevents some predators, such as caterpillars, from crossing from one tree to another. This jewelry is inspired by our precious forests and the trees that comprise them. 

These Sterling earrings measures 3/4" wide by 7/8" tall, and are a total of 2" with the handmade Sterling earring wires. They have a finish on them which will prevent them from tarnishing. And surprise! The stars in these earrings shine in the dark if exposed to a bright light first.