Monarch Caterpillar Necklace

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Product Description

Because our world can use all the monarchs it can get, the Monarch Caterpillar Necklace has arrived. The monarch butterfly population has dropped significantly over the last ten years, but they seem to be on an upswing. What happened to help to turn around this icon of the natural world? No one knows for sure, but awareness of the issue is no doubt key. And wearing monarch-themed apparel, either in butterfly or caterpillar form, helps to raise this awareness. And then there is the fact that both stages of this butterfly are beautiful and fun to wear. This necklace is 20" long and adjustable. The caterpillar itself, along with its supportive stick, is 2.5" long by 1.75 tall, including the dangling milkweed leaf. The chain is Sterling Silver, and the caterpillar is lacquered and painted brass, along with Sterling embellishments. The carefully painted surface is protected with a layer of shimmery resin. This necklace is the ultimate tribute to monarch butterflies and their life cycles.