Caddisfly Larva Pin with Petosky Stone

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Product Description

Sometimes the larval form of a creature is the one that is the most memorable, and in my opinion, this can be said of the industrious caddisfly larva. They live in their larval form for 1-2 years, collecting small twigs and pebbles which they attach to themselves as both protection and camouflage. They look like moving sticks as they roam around their aquatic stream or pond bottoms, and are a sign of clean water (yay!). This caddisfly larva pin features this star creature making its way across a river-bottom pebble, next to a Petosky stone, speaking of cool things. Did I mention that Petosky stones are fossilized coral found in the Midwest US, which used to be ocean floor?! And that I found this one in (guess where!) Lake Michigan in Petosky, Michigan, while sitting by the lake's edge as the the current brought them in? I polished and set the stone, fabricated the caddisfly larva and then brought them together in a union of eras and Sterling. The pin is 1 3/4" wide by 1 1/4" tall.