Blue Slag Cuff Bracelet

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Product Description

This cuff bracelet features a lovely piece of stone stack iron furnace slag that I found in the Gale River near where I live. It is the glassy byproduct of the iron industry in this area and and could have come from any one of the countless iron furnace sites across North America and Europe where the practice was to pour the slag into the adjacent river. I love the unique shapes I find, but do polish them a bit in order to heighten the shine which also brings out the color, capturing what it looks like wet in the river. I set this piece in a Sterling cuff bracelet that I made (of course!), and finished the ends with little Sterling spirals, inspired by riparian whirlpools. These soften the ends, making the bracelet comfortable to put on and to wear. The bracelet is 6" long, before forming it, which should fit most wrists.