Make a Wish Milkweed Necklace

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Product Description

One redeeming quality of November here in the Northern realm is that the milkweed seedpods burst open and the plethora of seeds inside explode out. I live in the midst of milkweed fields (yay monarchs!) and when this happens, it looks more like living in cotton fields, a crop that never caught on in Northern NH...So in addition to recreating more milkweed (yay monarchs), this explosion of seeds also provides a really fun (and hopefully meaningful) opportunity. The rules say that you can grasp a dried out milkweed stalk and shake it until all those little seeds fly off on the breeze on their floss (yup, that's what the white silky stuff is officially called). And as they float off on their floss, you can make wishes, as many as you like! This necklace allows you to make wishes year-round, even in places that aren't grown up in milkweed. It's made out of Sterling and copper, and features 3 double-sided milkweed seed, floss and all. Its chain is made out of links, some of which look like milkweed leaves, and individual floss-less copper seeds are attached for extra wishes and some fun movement. It closes with a handmade clasp and is an adjustable 25".